A bit about Sonia and Button Bridal

Button Bridal was born from my experience planning for my own wedding (May 1st 2010).

I knew I wanted something different, something long lasting and for me, silk flowers weren’t the answer. Real ones die after one day – such a shame.

I set to work creating bouquets for my bridesmaids and me, full of sentiment and most importantly, unique to each girl. I raided the family’s button tins and jewellery boxes. I bought genuine Ostrich feather (sourced within the UK).

I also wanted to distinguish the VIP’s on the day and so I designed made them each a personal buttonhole that reflected their character. Each one made, thinking about whom they were being made for in their design and creation.

The reaction on the day to my distinctive bouquets was overwhelming; in the weeks and months later people remembered them with such fondness that I was inspired.

And so Button Bridal was born.

This is why I particularly love the personal touch, when a Bride can supply me with an impression of the characters for their special friends and family for whom I am to make bouquets, buttonholes or hair adornments. These become even more special when a Bride gives me buttons or brooches of sentimental value to her or the eventual owner for inclusion in the finished piece.

Sonia Hogg